Thursday, October 28, 2010

rasa sayang..

I believe everyone is dreaming of a better malaysia..

a nation that is developing at a sustainable rate

where everyone gets a fair and equal share

I believe in Islamic principles and governance..

where the leaders are committed

who put the ppl before themselves in practice and not words

I believe that ISLAM IS FOR ALL..

It suits everyone

especially when it comes to problem solving of global world, as it is a way of life

I believe we all should be brave enough to face the reality..

and need to tackle local issues and root problems

I believe all of us need a change in paradigms..

drop the race politics

and need to be more concern about our common survival.

After all, we can only bring changes if we do something about it.

An idiot is defined as one who keeps doing the same thing and expect changes.

And the reality is we are seeing it everywhere..

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